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Independent Forest Monitoring Fund

Strenghten and manage trust fund institution for independent monitors, so independent monitors coul actively work to support VLK system and improving the quality of Indonesian forest governance

the Goals


Facilitating the funding support for the independent forest monitoring activities specifically on implementation of SVLK


Facilitating activities that will support the quality of independent forest monitoring.


Improving the quality of forest governance through independent forest monitoring activities.

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Independent monitoring is an integral part of SVLK, the Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system. This entity consists of NGOs with legal status and communities living in proximity of the forests that aims to monitor operators’ compliance on the requirements of legality definition. This includes conformity of the accreditation, verification, periodic evaluation, and licensing processes.

Strengthening Forest Governance through Independent Forest Monitoring Towards the Effective Implementation of SLVK and FLEGT Initiative in Indonesia Project

The role of independent monitoring for SVLK implementation is recognized in the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry (MoEF) Regulation No.30/2016, where it acknowledges the rights of Independent Forest Monitors (IFM) to access information and locations relevant to monitoring; to guarantee the protection of IFM against threat prior, during, and after monitoring; and to be eligible sustainable funding from public and private sources.


Indonesia and the EU held on Wednesday the first Working Group on Environment and Climate Change (WGECC) meeting, an ad-hoc group set up by the EU-Indonesia Partnership and Cooperation during a meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in November 2016.

Indonesia, EU to Strengthen Cooperation on Environment Conservation

A FLEGT license guarantees that timber has been harvested, processed and exported in accordance with national laws. Indonesia is the first exporting country to mandate that its timber exports comply with certain legal requirements. The FLEGT license is, in effect, a regulatory approach to suppressing illegal logging.


Indonesia is stepping up its efforts to gain recognition from the European Union for a palm oil product certification amid an intense anti-palm oil campaign in Europe on the back of sustainability concerns.

Indonesia Ups Efforts to Gain EU Recognition for Palm Oil

The government has issued its own national sustainability standards for palm oil, called Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO), which certifies legal compliance. However, five years into its implementation, it has failed to gain access to premium EU markets.