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Monitor the forest, support together, save our natural resources.

IFM Fund invites individuals who conduct independent monitoring, civil society organizations, local/ indigenous community groups, research institutions to be involved in monitoring the Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) implementation and improving forest governance in Indonesia.

Support Independent Monitors


Strengthening and operationalizing a trust fund institution for independent monitors, enabling them to actively work on supporting SVLK and improving the quality of forest governance in Indonesia.

The Goals

  • Support

    Facilitating the funding support for the independent forest monitoring activities specifically on SVLK implementation.

  • Engage

    Facilitating activities that will support the quality of independent forest monitoring.

  • System

    Improving the quality of forest governance through independent forest monitoring activities.

IFM has collaborated with various civil society organizations for various activities

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Progress Report IFM Fund 2017-2020

This report elaborates the implementation of projects that IFM Fund has managed during 2017- 2020.

Progress Report IFMF 2017-2020

This report framework is built upon description of progress in work programme, including implementation of collaborative projects with IFM Fund partners, performance of IFM Fund small grant funding investment & support, financial position and status, asset management and publication and communication media through which IFM Fund communicates with public

Laporan Perkembangan IFMF 2017-2020