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Monitor the forest, support together, save our natural resources.

IFM Fund invites individuals, civil society organizations, local/ indigenous community groups, research institution that are actively conduct activities or monitoring SVLK implementation and forest governance improvement in Indonesia.

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Strenghten and manage trust fund institution for independent monitors, so independent monitors coul actively work to support VLK system and improving the quality of Indonesian forest governance.

The Goals


Facilitating the funding support for the independent forest monitoring activities specifically on implementation of SVLK.


Facilitating activities that will support the quality of independent forest monitoring.


Improving the quality of forest governance through independent forest monitoring activities.

News Update

Two Years of FLEGT Licence

Two years of FLEGT licence

Credibility and accountability of timber legality assurance system (SVLK) must be improved.

Two Years of FLEGT Licence

Implementation of Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) has progressed significantly when Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) license implemented on timber products from Indonesia exported to European Union (EU), two years ago. FLEGT license implementation had been agreed by Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between Indonesia and European Union in Yogyakarta on August 15, 2016.


IFM has collaborated with various civil society organizations for various activities

  1. GRID

    Monitoring of Illegal Logging in Protected Forests (or State Forest)

    The purpose of the activity is to explore data and facts about illegal logging in state forest areas

  2. PPLH Mangkubumi

    Timber Trade Monitoring and Data Access Information Training

    This training aims to strengthen the capacity of independent forestry monitors in timber-producing regions (upstream) and locations around the industry / timber transit / port (downstream) in monitoring timber trade so that SVLK implementation in Indonesia can run effectively, credibly and accountably.

  3. Kelompok Pecinta Alam Boki Maruru

    Identify Various Modus Operandi of Illegal Logging in Northern Maluku

    Purpose of activities:

    • Increasing the participation of local communities/indigenous people to participate in monitoring natural forests and identifying various Illegal Logging modus operandi in Central Halmahera
    • Explore and collect evidence of violations of Timber Utilization Permits (IPK) in the name of the Tonidora Farmers Group.

  4. JPIK Lampung

    Field Monitoring and Illegal Logging Investigation in Conservation Forests & Protected Forests, and Monitoring of Business Permit to Utilize Timber Forest Product (IUPHHK-HT) in Registers 42 and 44 of Lampung Province.

  5. Penabulu

    Develop Grant Making SOP, Financial SOP and Accounting SOP

    In preparing Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) on Grant Making, Accounting SOP and Financial SOP, IFM Fund appointed Penabulu Foundation as its consultant.

  6. Kaoem Telapak

    Workshop on Preparation of Independent Forest Monitoring Stategic Planning on Indonesia

    IFM Fund colaborate with Kaoem Telapak conduct Workshop on Preparation of Independent Forest Monitoring Stategic Planning on Indonesia, between Agustus, 24 – 25 2017 on Yogyakarta.

    This activity aims to discuss the latest developments related to the implementation of SVLK and independent monitoring and to discuss strategic plans to support SVLK monitoring activities. From this activity, it is hoped that the result of the plan will be produced the draft of strategic plan of independent monitoring in the field of forestry especially SVLK. This activity was attended by NGOs incorporated in the Forest Monitoring Network such as KLHK, EFI and JPIK

  7. PPLH Mangkubumi
    1. Consolidation of Independent Monitors in East Java In order to strengthen the Credibility and Accountability of SVLK and FLEGT
      • Sharing information on the policy of Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK - Timber Legality Verification System) related to timber legality and verification standards on Industry and on management rights (Perhutani) and updates on FLEGT
      • Provide an understanding of JPIC institutional, role, and function of independent monitors (especially for JPIK member candidates) in encouraging Good Forestry Governance and Eradication of Illegal Logging
      • Sharing about JPIK experience in East Java in monitoring SVLK.
      • Formulate monitoring action plan on Forestry and Perhutani Industry in East Java Province. Formulate action plan for monitoring on Forestry and Perhutani Industry in East Java Province.
    2. Dissemination of Monitoring Result Information Through Writing of Monitoring Result of Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) in East Java Province

      This activity aims to encourage policy improvement and public participation in strengthening SVLK and FLEGT-VPA in East Java

  8. Aliansi Relawan untuk Penyelamatan Alam (ARUPA)

    Community Based Monitoring Training on Perum Perhutani Forest Management

    1. Activities will result in a form of community-based monitoring of forest management performance undertaken by Perum Perhutani.
    2. The resulting output is the increased capacity of independent monitors in monitoring the management of state forests managed by Perum Perhutani.
    3. Monitoring cadres are able to substantially and technically conduct monitoring, reporting, and conducting public campaigns.

  9. JPIK Sulawesi Tengah

    Consolidation Meeting of Independent Monitors, Update SVLK and FLEGT

    Purpose of activities:

    • Unify information related to the development of monitoring in each District.
    • Understanding Forestry, SVLK and FLEGT updates in Indonesia.
    • The establishment of Community Forest Monitoring Node (S-KPK) at community level.

  10. Perhimpunan Hanjuang Mahardika Nusantara

    Monitoring of Timber Trade Chain and Inventory of Primary Industry Capacity under 6000 M3 and Update of SVLK implementation Development in Banten Region

    Purpose of activities:

    • Able to describe the development of SVLK implementation in Banten where the results of the description should be able to encourage local governments to immediately formulate resolutions related to the implementation of SVLK in Banten.
    • Policy Advocacy at the local level through FGD.
    • Awareness building and perception of multi-stakeholders perception at local level related to timber legality system implementation.
Info Project & Update
resources mobilization illustration
Vacancies for Consultant for V-Legal Certificate Review for Independent Monitors

The IFM Fund opens job vacancies for 1 (one) Policy Analysis Related to Funding Opportunities for Independent Monitors of V-legal Certification Fees for 10 working days with a period of August 19 to August 31 2019.

cover dua tahun pelaksanaan lisensi FLEGT
Two Years of FLEGT Licence

Implementation of Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) has progressed significantly when Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) license implemented on timber products from Indonesia exported to European Union (EU), two years ago.

konsolidasi nasional pemantauan independen
Independent Monitoring Consolidation Workshop

The consolidation was held for two days, the first day as an introduction to the independent monitoring consolidation meeting (PI) bringing presenters from various stakeholders, including; KLHK, Certification Institutions, Donor Institutions, and CSOs.