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Independent Forest Monitoring Fund

Memperkuat dan mengoperasionalkan lembaga pengelola dana (trust fund) bagi pemantau independen sehingga pemantau independen dapat berperan aktif dalam penguatan sistem VLK dan perbaikan tata kelola hutan di Indonesia

Apa Tujuan Kami


Memfasilitasi dukungan pendanaan bagi kegiatan pemantauan independen kehutanan khususnya terhadap pelaksanaan Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK).


Memfasilitasi kegiatan yang mendukung kualitas pemantauan independen kehutanan.


Meningkatkan kualitas tata kelola kehutanan melalui kegiatan pemantauan independen kehutanan.

Kunjungi halaman lainnya untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang kami:

Forestfund Dokumentasi
Kami menerbitkan berbagai publikasi dan dokumentasi dalam berbagai kegiatan.

Forestfund Mitra
Kami bekerja dengan berbagai mitra diseluruh Indonesia.

Forestfund Program
Program-program untuk mencapai tujuan kami.

Forestfund Organisasi
Kami melibatkan beberapa orang untuk mendukung kegiatan kami.

Forestfund Kontak
Kami sangat senang menerima pertanyaan anda.


As part of international endeavours to address the issue of illegal logging and associated trade, a number of consumer countries have made a commitment to take measures to prevent the trade in illegal timber in their respective markets, while producing countries have made a commitment to provide a mechanism to ensure the legality of their domestic and imported timber products. Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs), which are negotiated in the context of the European Union’s Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, are an example of these commitments.

Periodic Evaluation FLEGT VPA – Indonesia and the European Union

The First Periodic Evaluation of TLAS implementation was carried out by an Independent Team of PT SUCOFINDO SBU LSI. An official declaration signed by PT Sucofindo Director and filed with the MOEF on 9 October 2015 proclaims that PT SUCOFINDO SBU LSI is “fire-walled” from other SUCOFINDO business units, in particular from PT SUCOFINDO that provides SVLK auditing and certification services, and from any external interference. The evaluation method draws on the Periodic Evaluation Design that was developed and endorsed by the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) in September 2016.


The European Forest Institute is planning to award a contract for the assignment referred to above and you are hereby invited to take part in the tendering for the aforementioned contract.

Second (2018) And Third (2019) Periodic Evaluation (PE) of The Indonesia-EU VPA

This Invitation to tender, as well as the Tender Specifications and its annexes, contain the instructions you are obliged to follow should you wish to take part in the tendering process.


Bogor, 04 Oktober 2017. Bertempat di Grand Garden Cafe Kebun Raya Bogor, Yayasan Pemantau Independen Kehutanan atau yang dikenal dengan Independent Forest Monitoring Fund (IFM-Fund) secara resmi diluncurkan ke publik.

Peluncuran Indipendent Forest Monitoring Fund

Yayasan Pemantau Independen Kehutanan atau yang dikenal dengan Independent Forest Monitoring Fund (IFM-Fund) secara resmi diluncurkan ke publik.